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Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions For Bookings

  1. An enquiry does not constitute a booking until confirmed by ourselves. Written confirmation of the booking will be sent via email, or text message.
  2. The Company pricing structure is based on the actual time and mileage involved in providing the service requested (base to base mileage or hours charge whichever is the greater). This means that regardless of your collection address all journeys will commence in Wrexham. Clients may of course amend plans to meet alterations on the day in which case the final cost will reflect any additional time, miles or other services provided. Extra charges will apply if your route involves toll roads, congestion charges or parking charges.
  3. Vehicles will only carry up to the number of passengers for which that vehicle is licensed. We will not carry more passengers than we are legally permitted to do so.
  4. We reserve the right not to carry any passenger(s) should the passenger(s) have excessive luggage that would result in the vehicle being overloaded and unsafe on the road. The driver’s decision is final. No refunds will be made in these circumstances.
  5. Wrexham Chauffeurs Ltd will not be held responsible for the safety or custody of personal belongings, purchases, luggage, or any other items carried by any passenger or which are left in the vehicle. Lost property should be reported to Wrexham Chauffeurs Ltd and the Police as soon as possible in case it can be returned.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse to carry any person that we consider is likely to be ill in the vehicle or who may behave in a way that endangers the occupants of the vehicle and/or the vehicle itself. In these circumstances no refund will be made. Should the vehicle require cleaning or valeting due to illness for any reason an immediate charge of £100 will apply.
  7. Any damage caused to any part of our vehicle(s) by the passenger(s) will be charged accordingly.
  8. All passengers must wear the seat belts provided in all vehicles. Wrexham Chauffeurs Ltd accept no responsibility or liability for injuries, accidents, or death as a result of passengers failing to wear the seat belts provided. Child seats must be secured by the passengers providing them. Wrexham Chauffeurs Ltd will not be responsible for the safety or fitting of child seats. We are exempt from the child seat law currently in place.
  9. We are happy to stop for comfort breaks of 15 mins or less. Longer stops, such as for meals, will be charged extra at our waiting time rate. If advised at time of booking this service will be included in the agreed rate.
  10. In the event of very bad weather we reserve the right to cancel without penalty if advised against travelling by authorities such as the Police, Met Office, or Highways Agency or if we consider it unlikely that we will be able to complete your journey safely. In these circumstances a full refund will be made but no further compensation is due.
  11. Wrexham Chauffeurs Ltd reserves the right to provide alternative vehicle(s) to carry out the hire in case of vehicle breakdown or other unforeseen problems arising such as delayed flight returns. Although every effort will be made to provide an equally suitable vehicle, Wrexham Chauffeurs Ltd reserves the right to sub-contract other vehicles where required. We will ensure they are vetted and meet our own high standards where possible.
  12. The hirer is responsible for the passengers. Passengers failing to return on time may be left behind, passengers affected by drunkenness or drugs may be refused permission to travel. The driver’s decision is final. No refund will be available in these cases.

Journeys booked from airports, train stations and seaports.

On booking any such journey we will advise a definite pick up point that the passenger must locate. Any failure on the passengers part to locate the driver will result in a charge to the passengers credit/debit card or invoice submitted. Passengers failing to show up 1 hour after the confirmed arrival time will be charged for the transfer and parking costs if they do not inform us of delays at customs or immigration by telephone. We may also leave after this time period for our other travel. Passengers should notify us if they did not board at the earliest opportunity.

Waiting time charges

Chauffeured cars  E-Class £40 per hour or S-Class £50 per hour. Chauffeured minibuses £60 per hour.

Payments and Deposits

Payment is due 7 days before the date of your booking unless the travel is on account or agreed otherwise. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer, or credit/debit card on our secure online payment system.

Details of how to pay will be forwarded via invoice after confirmation of booking

Extras such as the London Congestion Charge (LCC), London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), toll roads and airport car parking will be charged at cost price unless agreed beforehand.

Please note, we do not provide a local short distance taxi service.

Retail Price Index (RPI)

We reserve the right to increase our prices in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI) which will take effect after 30th Dec 2024. This reflects the increase in the costs to run and invest in the company and services we provide.

Late Payment Charge

It is a condition of this agreement that invoices shall be paid in full within 7 days of issue. Should an invoice not be paid within 30 days, any outstanding invoice(s) shall immediately become due and payable.

In the case of late payments we reserve the right to exercise our statutory rights under the late payment of commercial debts (interest) Act of 1998.

We also reserve the right to charge a debt recovery fee of £40 in accordance with European law, and interest, from the date of the invoice to the date of full payment – in accordance with the late payment of commercial debts (interest) Act of 1998


Wrexham Chauffeurs Ltd Disclaimer

**The Company accepts no responsibility for any delays caused by circumstances outside of its control.**

We do not accept any liability and cannot be held responsible for any loss financial or professional for missed flights, trains or buses or delays caused by road traffic accidents, flooding, snow or adverse weather conditions, theft, congestion, breakdowns/punctures, terrorist attacks, acts of God or if we were given the wrong booking information.

Passengers should allow additional time for outbound airport transfers to cover for unexpected delays which may make you late for onward travel.

Every effort will be made by Wrexham Chauffeurs Ltd and its drivers to get passengers to their destination on time or early. Passengers should check their collection times and enquire about any known delays to ensure they leave with enough time to complete the journey ahead and arrive on schedule.

Complaints Procedure

In the very unlikely event of a problem, complaint, or dissatisfaction with our service, it is essential that you inform the driver immediately. If you wish to make a formal complaint, please notify our office in writing no later than 5 working days after your planned journey.

Intellectual Property

The content of this Website, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, software, and trademarks are the property of Wrexham Chauffeurs Ltd and are protected by copyright and other laws. We reserve the right to amend, change, delete or add to these terms and conditions whenever we deem it necessary