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As we ease out of lockdown – most of us will have not been driving as much as we would normally have been – because we’ve been at home, and not going to work. 

Recent study  indicates that weeks away from the driving seat took their toll. And Nearly a quarter of British drivers feel anxious driving on motorways, study claims 

I was returning to North Wales from Liverpool recently along the M53. A car behind was too close so I moved safely out of their way to let them past – bearing in mind the rain was lashing down – and there was a lot of standing water on the road surface. Unfortunately, within a mile, the driver of the car that had raced up behind me hit a pool of standing water, lost control, hit the central barrier, and their car suffered extensive damage. 

Always drive to the conditions, and here in the UK, we have changeable weather conditions. Always make sure your car is maintained properly, and that you have good tyres. 

As a RoSPA Advanced driver, I will always remember my tutor saying “Tyres and Tarmac” when in queuing traffic. Make sure that you can see the back tyres of the vehicle in front, and some of the tarmac road surface between your car and theirs. This helps you not get too close, leaves enough space for a motorbike, and/or lets you manoeuvre past the car in front if they break down in the queue. 

At a roundabout, always plan to stop, but look to go. Slowing down should be smooth and not jerky, imagine a glass of water on your dashboard that you don’t want to spill and drive accordingly. 

What checks do you do before you start your car?  

  • Static brake test 
  • Moving brake test 
  • Do you know what your dashboard lights mean? 

The fee for a journey with Wrexham Chauffeurs includes all the professional training that the driver has undertaken – they are not just regular drivers. Each team member has been hand picked for their exceptional skill in all weather and traffic conditions on our roads, so you can enjoy our trademark “Stress-Free Travel”. The car in front is Wrexham Chauffeurs 

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